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FCC student Jackson Grove launches own clothing line

Jackson Grove is a small town guy looking to make a big-time splash with his own lifestyle and clothing line.

Grove, an Urbana High School graduate and current FCC sophomore, started the Nuthin Fancy Collection at the end of July. Throughout the past two months, the company has been able to expand enough to organize its own website, which allows it to further their reach and take pre-orders on a small selection of products, mainly t-shirts.

“Nuthin Fancy is a lifestyle brand designed to encourage people to live simple,” Grove said. “We are all a group of friends and family who live by the same motto, ‘Nuthin Fancy.'”

According to the company’s website, Nuthin Fancy stays true to its name and places an emphasis on offering quality clothing with simplistic, timeless designs.

“Nuthin Fancy, the name and all, came from the people I hang around with, where I live, and my favorite
music,” Grove said. “We love to kick back and enjoy life, we don’t need anything fancy to satisfy us.”

Grove and his older brother, Jacob Grove, who once attended FCC, are optimistic the company will continue to gain popularity in the coming months.

“We feel like there’s something special going on here,” Jacob Grove said. “We just want to promote our brand and promote the simple things in life that we’re proud we have.”

The Grove brothers aren’t going about the journey alone, however, as plenty of friends and other family members have been able to chip in along the way.

In addition to their clothing line, Nuthin Fancy also creates video content featuring motocross, hunting, fishing, and other various sports and activities that are found to align with the vision of the company.

“We post all of our video content on social media,” Jackson Grove said. “So, hopefully, people will check it out and see what we’re all about.”

To learn more, visit www.nuthinfancyco.com, @nuthinfancyco on Instagram, or Nuthin Fancy on Facebook.

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