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SGA meeting discusses meal cards, Snapchat Geofilter contest and leadership retreat

The Student Government Association held a meeting on Sept. 12, discussing the Cougar Grille, Snapchat Geofilter contest, and Leadership retreat.

FCC President Elizabeth Burmaster started the conversation about the Cougar Grille and said “four-year colleges are charging for meal cards as part of room and board. While two-year colleges have to outsource the food.”

SGA members then discussed potential changes regarding food choices and meal cards. One student brought up that there should be meal cards for teachers and staff members since they work long hours just like students.

“We want to make the food affordable for everyone,” Peter Lee, business manager of the Cougar Grille, said. “There shouldn’t be friction amongst student and staff over meal cards.”

Students next introduced themselves and what club they represented after stating their favorite ice cream flavors. They discussed the Snapchat Geofilter contest that’s open to everyone at FCC.

SGA President Julie Yagodich and Vice-President of Administration Linda Silvia seemed excited to present this contest to the members of the club. The officers said they are going to pick three submissions and submit them to Snapchat. If successful, there will be filters for the FCC library, Stem Cell, and Grille as a school theme.

The last item SGA discussed was the leadership conference on Oct. 6.

After the meeting ended, The Commuter had a chance to interview Melissa Main, assistant director of center for student engagement. She said the main goal of SGA is “to be the voice of the students with all credit students welcome to participate. And there must be one member to represent their club during each SGA meeting held throughout the semester.”

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