Willow Webster

There hasn’t been a moment in my life I can recall ever uttering the words: “I want to be a journalist.” On the list of career goals we contemplate as children, journalism never quite made the cut on mine. Growing up, the life of a journalist had always appeared as one scrutinized by a societal spotlight. To put it simply, the spotlight and I don’t get along. Unless the casting list calls for one very red tomato, the stage is no friend of mine. I have, however, always wanted to be a writer, and as I’m steadily discovering, being a journalist means writing –  a lot.

Currently, I’m a college sophomore pursuing a degree in arts and humanities with a focus on creative writing, but better known as the puffy-headed geek ambling around campus in Harry Potter merchandise. I also intern as the lifestyle editor for a company called DC Swim Week and co-manage a small fashion brand by the name Delincio Apparel.

In my free time, you’ll likely find me binge-watching anime with my boyfriend, or rapidly consuming coffee at the local coffee company as I struggle to finish all the homework I’ve procrastinated on. If you spot me around say hi! I love a good chit-chat.

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